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Hellmuth Walter's manufacturing capability at the close of WWII included a number of factories, research and development facilities and motor testing units located around Germany. The headquarters were in Kiel, close to the sea, where Walterwerke were engaged on advanced and detailed work on developing a new type of submarine powered by Walter's peroxide motor.

Walterwerke had researched and developed an extra-ordinary range of uses for the peroxide motor, from jet assisted take-off packs, through motors for aircraft and airborne missiles, to remotely controlled vehicles, bomb, mine and torpedo devices and a range of high speed boats and submarines. Whilst I am happy to touch on a number of these uses, this site will tend to concentrate on the airborne motors, for rocket aircraft and rocket missiles.

However, as well as covering the motors, I would like to try and fill in some detail about Hellmuth Walter himself, his design and engineering staff, and Walterwerke where the work was done. This is probably not top priority, so it may be some time before anything very interesting happens, but I would eventually like to give proper prominence to the personnel involved.

This page is also a link page to all the associated "housekeeping" pages, which you might find interesting or useful.

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