Last updated: 29th December 2012
29th December 2012

Added a page for the Walter RI-203 "Interim" flight motor for the Enzian.

Illustrations courtesy of Alan Schenkenbach and colleagues - many thanks to him, and sorry it took some time to go from him to the web!

1st June 2012

Updated the page for the Osaka HWK 109-509.A1 Wkr.Nr. A-1706, in Japan.

New information and illustrations courtesy of Fumiyuki Nagakura, an authority on engines, Japanese aircraft and regular contributor to forums on the Internet - many thanks to him.

1st June 2012

Updated the page for the Ballarat HWK 109-509.A1 Wkr.Nr. M-1772, in Australia.

New information and illustrations courtesy of Brett Gooden and his colleague with a camera, Jim Masocco - to whom must go thanks for the new set of pictures.


7th February 2008

It's all new!
For the second time in its history, this site has undergone a major redesign.

Apart from choosing a new design which is a little easier on the eye, I have added some more graphics for the interface, hopefully to make navigation a little easier, and to spead the pages out for the more usual 1024x768 minimum page resolution. For the technical visitors amongst you, the site has also been brought up to W3 xml transitional compatibility, so that it can be a little more future proof, hopefully giving it a greater longevity.

I have also taken the opportunity of making use of all the feedback I have had over the years, to correct some typos, some errors, and to make some adjustments based on alternative opinions - so thank you for all the people who have written to point out various minor problems.

I have revised the museums pages, so these ought to be more up to date. I have tried to take account of airframe and exhibit movements and of course new pictures, which have kindly been sent to me, to give us a better view of some of the Walter Motors. I have also revised some of the text, based on additional researches. With this new basis, I will now try and add in further pages, expanding on some of the areas of research which have taken my eye over the intervening period.


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