There are a number of references available for the researcher, and most books contain details of further reading.

I have not attempted to duplicate them here, although if I have used a quote, or specifically mentioned a reference, I have given details for completeness. The best advice I can offer, is to have a look at Rob de Bie's Messerschmitt Me 163 web site, which contains an exhaustive set of references about the Komet and Walter engines. Many of them are interesting. Some of them are recommended reading.

Here are listed the more technical references which I have been able to use to gather the information presented through this web site. Where they can be viewed, I have also listed the physical locations and reference codes to help pull them off the shelf.



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Notes. "P.R.O." is the National Archive (formerly the Public Record Office), in Kew in London.
Records are available for viewing to people holding a valid Readers' Ticket.
Readers' Tickets are easily obtained by British nationals, but visitors from other countries are strongly advised to contact the National Archive for advice before their arrival. Staff are helpful, but few in number and although there are large indexes, with the millions of documents available, one needs a clear idea of what one is searching for or time is easily lost: (although searching can be interesting and rewarding).



I would like to offer my greatful thanks to the following people and organisations for their help in providing me with information and illustrations, access to the various Walter motors for making notes and taking photographs, or access to documents.

Adam Smith and Grant Newman ex of the Museum of Flight in Scotland
Alan Scheckenbach
Bruce Grinstead
Ed Maloney at the Planes of Fame Museum
Cindy and Ken Keller of the Planes of Fame Museum
DERA - RAE Farnborough Archive
Frank Henriquez
Imperial War Museum, Duxford
Jimmy Ray in Arizona
Ludo Kloek
RAF Museum Cosford (Al Maclean, Phil Jones and Claire Davies)
Reinhold (and Annette and Katharina) Stadler
Rob de Bie
The Shuttleworth Collection, particularly Ken Hyde and Eddie Longcroft

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