RI-201 "Cold" Take Off Pack
RI-203 "Hot" Take Off Pack
Me.109 Climb Assister
Heimatschützer I
Heimatschützer IV


Apart from the Me.163, Walterwerke are probably most famous for their Rocket Assisted Take-Off packs.

Large, heavily-laden aircraft could operate out of smaller airfields by having additional power packs adding thrust to the power of their engines. The extra weight and drag of these external packs could be jettisoned, and having fallen to the ground by parachute, the packs could be used again.

Although Walter developed them to a high standard early in the war, Luftwaffe crews at operational airfields tended to favour solid fuel rocket boosters, as they were easier to store and did not require fuelling before use. However, Arado 234 units made good use of extra rocket thrust to back-up their Jumo jet engines.

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