Walter Peroxide Motors
109-509 Series Motors
Messerschmitt Me.163A
Messerschmitt Me.163B
Dual Chambered Motors
Messerschmitt Me.163C
Messerschmitt Me.163D
Me.263 / Ju.248
Bachem Ba.349 "Natter"
DFS 228 "Sägefisch"

Walterwerke designed a large number of motors for a variety of uses.

The most well known of Walter's aircraft rocket motors were the powerplants for the Messerschmitt Me.163 Komet. Tested at Peenemunde, developed over a number of marks, flight proved in Erprobungskommando 16, and flown on active service in JG400.

This section shows the major motors Walters developed for flight.

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