This site is designed as a growing internet resource on Walter bi-fuel rocket motors, principally those for aircraft and missiles.

Although principally constructed around the Walter 109-509 motor for the Messerschmitt Me.163, I hope to include as many other Walter motors for aircraft/airframes as I can.

As well as showing existing rocket motors from museums around the world, I will also be focusing on the chemistry, engineering and mechanics of this sideline to conventional power systems.

In terms of the Walterwerke, anyone who has any experience of researching this topic will know how little information is available, and how contradictory it is. I intend to build information over time - but time is the key, as tracking down documents about this specialist subject is not easy.

This site is also a complementary site to Rob de Bie's excellent and very extensive web site concerning the Messerschmitt Me.163. Visitors are very strongly recommended to take a look at it, to gain a wider picture of the use of the HWK 109-509 motor, as Rob's site is one of the most extensive overviews of Me.163 related material on the internet.


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