[Chino HWK 109-509]

This motor does not appear (at the time of writing) to appear on the Planes of Fame website, however, two Komet fans from North America, Frank Henriquez and David Harmon, have previously supplied some pictures which go some way to showing how this motor appears.

The motor is an HWK 109-509.A-1, Wkr.Nr.T-1908, and has been displayed alongside a Messerschmitt Me.163 Komet replica.


Known History.

Ed Maloney, the Planes of Fame's Director has explained that this motor was acquired in 1963 from an aeronautical college in the United States. It was shipped to the USA, probably amongst the cargo aboard HMS Reaper, from which the Planes of Fame's other ex-Luftwaffe exhibits were subsequently drawn. Colonel Harold Watson was entrusted with the task of bringing a number of Luftwaffe aircraft and ancilliary equipment back for evaluation, and a shipment of Messerschmitt Me. 163 airframes and accessories were landed.

At this distance, it may not be discovered whether this motor was originally fitted to one of the airframes which were evaluated, or whether it was a stand-alone exhibit.

It was received in good condition, and no restoration work has been necessary.

Photographs were taken in 1999 and in 2003.



From the illustrations it looks as though this is a well preserved motor, although the combustion chamber and thrust tube have probably been over painted at some time.

Most of the rest of the motor parts appear to be in largely original colours - the steel frame parts painted, and the aluminium sections left natural metal. Most of the electrical services seem still to be attached, although the accessories gearbox oil level indicator may be missing.

If further details become available, this section will be updated.

Photographs © Frank Henriquez and David Harmon - used with kind permission -
[Forward End of Motor]

This shot from David shows some typical distinguishing features of the "A-1" motor. The large diameter T-Stoff delivery pipe, and the Bosch electrical starter on the bottom right of the frame.

This shot also shows the structure of the fuel flow/pressure equalising unit, and the position of the steam generator and C-Stoff filter. Someone has undertaken some colour-coding, as the T-Stoff lines on the T-Stoff access panel are painted orange and the C-Stoff return line from the combustion chamber, and the C-Stoff fuel lines are blue. This is not an original scheme, and probably dates from the motor's time at the college.

[Combustion Chamber]

The combustion chamber and the aft part of the motor thrust tube. The blue pipe is the C-Stoff return flow from the combustion chamber cooling jacket - the outbound flow pipe is just visible, painted grey in the background at the top of the combustion chamber.

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