[Chino Motor]

[Chino Motor]

This shot from David shows some typical distinguishing features of the "A-1" motor. The large diameter T-Stoff delivery pipe, and the Bosch electrical starter on the bottom right of the frame.

This shot also shows the structure of the fuel flow/pressure equalising unit, and the position of the steam generator and C-Stoff filter. Someone has undertaken some colour-coding, as the T-Stoff lines on the T-Stoff access panel are painted orange and the C-Stoff return line from the combustion chamber, and the C-Stoff fuel lines are blue.


Chino's Combustion Chamber

[Chino's Preserved Motor]

The combustion chamber and the aft part of the motor thrust tube. The blue pipe is the C-Stoff return flow from the combustion chamber cooling jacket - the outbound flow pipe is just visible, painted grey in the background at the top of the combustion chamber.

Photographs © Frank Henriquez and David Harmon - used with kind permission -
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