The Walter 109-509 series of motors is documented as beginning with the "A-0". These illustrations show an early 109-509 motor - it has a number of minor differences from the standard A-series motors. I wish I could more closely quote the exact provenance of this motor - but I'm not sure when it was taken. Sticking my kneck on the block, I think that it is a very early RII-211; probably an HWK 109-509.A-0 prototype.

[Walter HWK 109-509.A-0]

From this side, some of the differences are not apparant, although the fuel filter is sitting up high - most 109-509.A-1 motors have the fuel filter sitting lower back and at a flatter angle.

[Walter HWK 109-509.A-0]

The electrical starter system is visible from this angle. You can also make out the single-stage fuel pump. Note that the single, turbine-driven pump is divided into two halves, running on a common shaft, one half for each fuel.

The difference here, is the T-Stoff fuel delivery pipe is a short pipe following a much straighter course to the bottom of the fuel regulator, than on the HWK 109-509.A-1.

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