[HWK 109-509.A-1 in Osaka]

The very unusual paint scheme appears to be unique. Steel parts of the motor, the frame and the gearbox, have been painted red and yellow. Although difficult to tell, the aluminium cast pieces may have not been painted.

The illustration above is a composite, made from two carefully taken photographs. It would not be possible to stand far enough away and get a clear single image.

Photographs © Fumiyuki Nagakura - used with kind permission -
  [HWK 109-509.A-1 in Osaka]

In the close-up picture, it is possible to see that the condition of this motor is good. It is also largely complete. The electrical cables are missing, although this is not unusual. Walterwerke used an asbestos fibre to protect and insulate the electrical cables passing over the top of the motor, and this is often removed on preserved motors.

The large accessories gearbox can be seen through the top of the motor. The C-Stoff combustion chamber cooling out-flow and its complimentary return flow and fuel filter are plainly shown. As is the control rod system linking the main C-Stoff Control regulator valve (on the right) to the steam control valve (just visible above the steam generator).

The T-Stoff control panel on the left upper side of the motor frame (as we see it in the picture) appears to have two angle brackets fixed to it. I suspect that this is almost certainly a modern, post-war modification - possibly to hold an explanatory plaque or label (?).

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