[NASM 109-509.A-1]

This motor was displayed for many years in Gallery 113, Rocketry and Space Flight, on the First Floor of the National Air and Space Museum building on Independence Avenue in Washington D.C. However, it has now been moved to the new Udvar-Hazy Centre in Virginia. It is a well-maintained, nicely accessible motor. The display is only a foot or so over the chain, and there is no physical barrier blocking the view of the motor.

It was previously displayed with the port side only facing the gallery, so that the manufacturer's plate was not visible to visitors. There is a Bosch electric starter fitted, which shows this to be an "A-1" motor; it would be nice to see a high resolution picture of the plate which can now be seen from the gallery floor. If anybody can take a picture of this for me that would be very useful.

At the time of writing, no documentation is available, but a large amount of material was brought to the USA after the war, including a number of Messerschmitt Me 163B airframes.


Known History.

No data as yet. The following photographs were taken in 1991. Awaiting updated photographs.



This motor is a well preserved example.

All photographs © Shamus Reddin
[Top of Motor]

Showing the top of the motor. The unit on the left is the main fuel flow and pressure equalising unit, connected to which is the cylindrical fuel filter. The black circular structure with a heavily studded top on the far right, is the steam generator and towards the bottom right of the shot is the turbine speed control with mechanical linkage to the fuel flow control valve, the circular structure next to the fuel flow equalising unit - (the mechanical linkage is on the starboard side, and thus not in shot)- both of these are then connected to the pilot's throttle.

For a detailed look at the individual parts of the Walter motor in isolation, follow this link. The manufacturer's plate can be clearly seen just below the mechanical linkage. This view also shows the three stage fuel flow and pressure equalising unit, and with the linkage, the cylinder of the secondary control valve. The steam generator is seen on the left, tilting away from the shot. The characteristic large diameter T-Stoff delivery pipe running from the T-Stoff pump to the bottom of the fuel flow unit is on the right.

[Combustion Chamber]

The business end of the Walter motor, the exhaust venturi. The combustion chamber has fuel pipes leading to and returning from the cooling jacket which surrounds it and through the aperture in the casing one can see fuel pipes running towards the combustion chamber itself. On the bottom of the thrust tube is the emergency dump valve, and from that the C-Stoff dump tube which clears the excess fuel from the combustion chamber cooling jacket if the engine should shut down prematurely.

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