[Minneapolis 109-509 Combustion Chamber]

One of the most interesting aspects of this motor is that the combustion chamber has been sectioned to afford an excellent view of the interior.

The red area in the picture is the interior of the combustion chamber, where the combustion of the fuels occurs. The burner plate with the twelve fuel injectors is shown very nicely, as is the arrangement, designed to produce full combustion and an even thrust over the range of power settings.

The yellow area is the cut surface of the combustion chamber, and shows the space where the cooling C-Stoff flows to reduce the temperature of the chamber during power running. The shape of the combustion chamber and the narrowing of the exhaust venturi is quite clear.

[Minneapolis 109-509 Combustion Chamber]

The second picture shows a very interesting detail through the cut section of the combustion chamber. The narrowing and shape of the throat of the venturi is illustrated well.

The large space below the venturi narrowing is the space into which cooling C-Stoff is first introduced into the combuster chamber lining space. As you can see, an inner sleeve directs the flow towards rear of the chamber and then back through a narrow gap between the combustion chamber inner shell and the liner.

The flow then curves around between the two parts of the combustion chamber towards the burner plate. In this picture you can make out the nine (one group of five and a second group of four) swirl vanes, which appear as dots on the inside of the liner. These are square section wires, welded to the liner, which spiral around the surface of the combustion chamber, directing the flow of cooling C-Stoff around the outside of the combustion chamber to the rear, where it is collected in a ringed area (shown in the illustration above) and fed back towards the body of the motor via the fuel filter.


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