[Fuel Pump]

Looking in more detail at the fuel pump, the bolted seal between the T-Stoff inlet pipe and the pump is shown to advantage.

However, the most important feature in this picture, is the pump tachometer fixed to the inside of the accessories gearbox. It is the cylindrical, black unit with a silver connector and red wire. Geared from the fuel pump common shaft it delivers an indication for the pilot of the rotational speed of the turbine in rpm.

[Fuel Pipe]

A seldom seen view of the Komet. The underside looking forward towards the wheeled dolly. The large diameter pipe feeds T-Stoff from the tanks, along the underside of the fuselage, up through an access hole to the underside of the T-Stoff fluid pump.

The slender vertical pipe outside of this is the fuel overflow - to lead excess C-Stoff overboard during tank filling. The disconnected linkage on the right, hanging free, is the aircraft's tailwheel steering control.

Photographs © Shamus Reddin - with greatful thanks to the Imperial War Museum.
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