[Combustion Chamber]

The combustion chamber and its outer casing. The double-walled combustion chamber is to the left, and the connections to the cooling jacket for the C-Stoff inlet and return pipes are at the top of the picture.

The heavily marked/corroded steel casing for the fuel pipes is shown.


Fuel Inlet Pipes

[Close-up of Fuel Inlet Pipes]

The depth of the corrosion on the steel cover is quite evident in this picture. Through the aperture you can see the fuel pipes connecting to the heavy base plate of the combustion chamber. On the other side of the base plate are the fuel injectors.


Fuel Injectors

[Fuel Injectors]

The view down the end of the combustion chamber venturi. This view shows all twelve fuel injectors ("burners") and their arrangement.

One of the construction details of the burner plate is also visible, in the circular milling rings which you can just make out in the steel's surface. The plate has been turned on a lathe, or milling machine during manufacture.

Photograph © Reinhold Stadler - used with permission.

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