[Fuel Pump and Fuel Flow Unit]

These views show the fuel pump (at the bottom of the picture) and the fuel flow equalisation unit above.

In the picture, at the centre of the fuel pump is a toothed wheel which is the portion of the pump common shaft which fits to the gear train of the motor accessories unit. Without having been close to the unit it is difficult to say exactly, but my feeling is that this is a pump from an "A-1" motor having an electrical starter.

Clearly shown is the "helical" casing of the T-Stoff pump collecting ring, just beyond the pump end plate which curves anti-clockwise to the square outlet. Onto this would be bolted the T-Stoff fuel delivery line.

Fuel Pump and Flow Unit
[Fuel Pump and Fuel Flow Unit]     [Fuel Pump and Fuel Flow Unit]

The steam exhaust outlet points down to the right of the pump.

In the second picture, the fuel flow equalisation unit can be seen very clearly. The cylinder of the C-Stoff fuel flow unit is on the right, with the C-Stoff outlet lines arranged at angles coming from it. On the left is the T-Stoff half, with the three outlet lines arrayed vertically, one above the other.

Also in this view, on the fuel pump one can see the large central steam turbine, with the steam exhaust outlet curving down towards the ground. On the right is the large diameter C-Stoff inlet pipe, and inboard from that, the C-Stoff pump.

Photograph © Reinhold Stadler - used with permission.

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