[Walter motor in Komet]

The combustion chamber venturi and the motor thrust orifice. Missing from this motor is the drain pipe for the combustion chamber cooling jacket, which should emerge from the slot cut in the fairing immediately below the motor orifice.

You can also plainly see the cooling slots in the steel shield surround. These were designed so that the motor exhaust flow would create a draw, bringing a stream of stagnant (hot) air from within the fuselage thereby cooling it. In practice this process was largely unsatisfactory.


Combustion Chamber

[Walter Motor in Komet]

If the motor was running this is a view you would not enjoy. Looking directly down the motor exhaust, past the outer steel shield, you can see the narrowing up to where the motor venturi appears, and beyond that into the combustion chamber itself.

At the back of the combustion chamber is the burner plate, screwed into which are visible three of the twelve burners.

Photographs © Ludo Kloek - used with permission.

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