[C-Stoff Control Valve]

This is the C-Stoff control valve of the fuel flow/pressure equalising unit. C-Stoff enters here from the main pump and is carried forward to the jacket of the combustion chamber by the pipe at the bottom of the picture which curves in an "S" shape to the left.

Returning via the fuel filter in the background, the C-Stoff is then metered out, depending on the position of the pilot's throttle, via the two pipes at the top of the picture (there should be three, but there is one missing) to the combustion chamber burners.

The lever in the centre of the fuel control valve is connected to the throttle via a series of rods and connectors.


Fuel Control Unit

[Fuel Flow Unit]

Shown this time from above, the C-Stoff outflow is the pipe in the bottom of the picture. The C-Stoff then comes back via the fuel filter, the cylinder in the top left corner.

The pilot's throttle moves the lever just visible at the bottom of the picture, and C-Stoff is allowed to flow out for combustion. The pressure of this fuel flow is connected to the T-Stoff metering unit at the top right of the picture, and corresponding quantities of that flow down to the combustion chamber burners via the silver pipes in the top of shot.


Combustion Chamber

[Combustion Chamber]

Still with this motor is the combustion chamber, shown at the end of the thrust tube.

C-Stoff for cooling comes down via the pipe visible in the top of the picture, and returns to the fuel filter in the second. The dump valve which clears cooling C-Stoff from the chamber if the motor stops whilst running, is at the bottom of the picture.


Combustion Chamber

[Combustion Chamber]

In a close-up of the housing before the combustion chamber you can see the T-Stoff pipes branching out to feed the liquid to the burners in the combustion chamber itself.

By having a number of small burners the fuels can be atomised more effectively for combustion, and the different power settings can be achieved by feeding fuel only to some.

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