[Forward End of Motor]

Although the motor is not complete, this shot shows the structure and relationships of the fuel flow/pressure equalising unit, and the position of the steam generator. The steam generator steam pipe passes through the thrust plate, but then ends in an empty connection. This is because the pump unit into which the steam passes is missing.

In the picture, the dark pipes are C-Stoff and the silver coloured pipes are on the T-Stoff circuit of the fuel system.


Forward End of Motor

[Forward End of Motor]

Seen from the other side, the fuel flow/pressure equalising unit with the prominent T-Stoff pipes. The motor thrust plate has sustained a knock, causing a dent in one of the strengtheners.

All three T-Stoff pipes curve down and into the opening of the thrust tube, heading towards the combustion chamber. Just above the pipes, is the cylindrical C-Stoff fuel filter.


Fuel Pipes

[Fuel Pipes]

The aluminium pipes are those carrying T-Stoff down to the combustion chamber, through the centre of the thrust tube, whilst the brown coloured pipes on the left carry C-Stoff.

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