[Forward End of Motor]

A closer view of the motor in profile shows that it has the classic lines of the "A-1" motor, with large heavy accessories gearbox. The steam generator is shown clearly in this view. Both features classify this as the "A-1" model.

[Port Forward End of Motor]

Seen from a slightly different angle, the T-Stoff inlet riser pipe is shown, together with a better view of the fuel flow/pressure equalising unit. The strange addition, which you can see as a pipe opening in the middle of the forward part of the motor frame, is the fuel pump steam turbine exhaust outlet pipe. For some reason this is not fixed in its correct position, beneath the pump. This is presumably because the fixings are lost or damaged, or maybe no-one knows where it is supposed to fit.

[Steam Generator]

This is different angle, showing off the steam generator.

[C-Stoff Control Valve]

This is the C-Stoff and T-Stoff fuel flow/pressure equalising unit. C-Stoff enters here from the main pump and is carried forward to the jacket of the combustion chamber.

Returning via the fuel filter in the background, the C-Stoff is then metered to the combustion chamber. Flow rates of this fuel through this unit govern rates of flow of the T-Stoff in its corresponding side.

Photographs used with kind permission
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