[HWK 109-509.S2 Starboard Profile]

Preserved HWK 109-509.S2, photographed in 2000 in store at the RAF Museum store in Cardington. Although it is known how long this motor has been in store with the RAF Museum, research has discovered that it was previously in store at the Aircraftman's Hall Museum at the RPE Westcott. The illustration appears to show an accession or catalogue number with a "1994" date. Most of the rocketry items from Westcott were donated to RAF Museum Cosford, so it may be that the RAF Museum obtaining this motor decided it was of insufficient quality to display and placed it in store.

[HWK 109-509.S2 Starboard Rear Threequarter]

Currently in store at RAF Stafford, pending successful conclusion to negotiations to remove it and restore it.

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