[HWK 109-509.S2 Starboard Profile]

The HWK 109-509.S2 is derived from the HWK 109-509.A-2 motor. There is no electrical starter; one can clearly make out, dead centre, the T-Stoff gravity starter tank, feeding directly into the steam generator. Just visible by the turbine pump is one of the fuel air ejectors.

The fuel outflow pipes from the fuel flow and pressure regulator are very short, and almost literally feed directly into the combustion chamber.

Because of these dimension considerations, the steam driven turbine pump has been swung from its standard transverse position and fixed into a longitudinal orientation.

[HWK 109-509.S2 Starboard Rear Threequarter]

As the HWK 109.509.S2 pack is engineered to fit below the belly of the Me.262, the aim seems to have been to keep a minimum width. The pack is not much wider than the width of the combustion chamber. This view also shows the motor's suspension hangers, for attaching it to the Me.262's fuselage.

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